From Concept to Reality: Building a Technology Roadmap from Scratch


Creating a technology roadmap from scratch can be a challenging task, especially if you are not sure where to start. However, with the right planning and execution, you can create a roadmap that sets your organization up for success. This article will discuss the steps involved in building a technology roadmap from concept to reality.

Step 1: Define your Business Objectives

It is essential to begin by defining your business objectives. What are your goals, and how can technology help you achieve them? Understanding your priorities will enable you to select the right technologies and infrastructure to support your organization’s operations.

Step 2: Evaluate Current State

The next step is to take stock of your current IT infrastructure and assets. Assess where you stand in terms of technology adoption and determine the gaps that need to be filled. Identify the technology solutions that are essential to supporting your organization’s goals and objectives.

Step 3: Research and Gather Requirements

Research and gather requirements from stakeholders for technology solutions that will help to bridge the gaps between your current state and future state. The requirements should be prioritized and evaluated to select the technology solutions that are most appropriate for your organization. Also, consider the costs, timeline, and resources necessary to implement new technology.

Step 4: Develop a Plan

Using the requirements, create a plan that outlines the roadmap for implementing new technology. The plan should be broken down into smaller achievable goals, and each goal should have a timeline and resource allocation. The plan should also consider the business objectives and the benefits of each technology solution.

Step 5: Execute the Plan

The final step is to execute the plan. Your team should be assigned specific tasks and responsible for executing each goal as per the timeline defined in the plan. Any deviation from the plan should be documented, and changes to the original roadmap should be approved.


The technology roadmap is a critical aspect of your organization’s growth and success. Following the above-defined steps, you can make informed decisions about the technology solutions that align with your business objectives. Define your business goals, evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, identify technology solutions in line with your business objectives, develop a plan, and execute it. This process is iterative, and as you move forward, you may need to adjust your technology roadmap to stay on course.