How Big Tech Companies are Embracing Sustainability through Recycling Initiatives


Big tech companies are known for their innovation and the creation of revolutionary products that have transformed the way we live and work. However, the downside to this constant technological advancement is the vast quantities of electronic waste that are produced each year. Fortunately, many of these companies have recognized this issue and are making efforts to embrace sustainability through recycling initiatives.

One company that has set a great example is Apple, who have set a goal to create a closed-loop supply chain that would allow them to use only recycled materials for the production of their products. They have also created a recycling program called “Apple Renew” in which customers can bring their old Apple products to be responsibly recycled for free. As of 2019, they had recycled over 2.4 million tonnes of electronic waste.

Another tech giant, Microsoft, has also been working towards a sustainable future through recycling initiatives. In 2020, they launched their “Microsoft Circular Center” that will focus on repurposing datacenter hardware and finding ways to make datacenters more energy-efficient. They also have an internal program called the “Microsoft Advanced Recovery Program” which aims to recycle and recover lithium-ion batteries, a major contributor to electronic waste.

Google has taken similar steps in their efforts towards sustainability. They have pledged to use only recycled materials in all of their consumer hardware products by 2022. In addition, they have created a recycling program in which they will sell refurbished devices on their online store or donate old devices to schools and nonprofit organizations.

E-waste is a significant environmental issue that often goes unnoticed, and it’s great to see that big tech companies are stepping up to take responsibility for their impact on the environment. By embracing sustainability and recycling initiatives, they are setting an excellent example for other companies, who can follow in their footsteps and make positive changes towards a greener future. We can only hope that more companies will follow suit and join the fight against electronic waste to create a better and more sustainable world for us all.