How To Decide What Music To Play


When you have a business or a retail store that is often busy with people coming in and out, it’s nice to have noise playing in the background. It is not only pleasant for the people shopping, but it also cancels out a lot of unnecessary noises around the store or business. Music has also been studied and it turns out that having something playing in the background can actually help people focus and get work done better and faster if they are in an office space where they need to be focused on a single task for hours at a time. When it comes to retail, the music can help keep the costumers in the store longer, purchasing more items than they usually would because the music is a distraction from what they really need to buy and will convince them into buying something that they don’t really need.

So what kind of streaming music for business purposes should you be playing? And if you do know what kind of music you want to play in the background at your business, how and where do you start to get it all set up? Well, maybe I can help you out with both of those questions.

It’s been proven that either Pop, Jazz, or classical are the best types of music to play at a business of any kind. There aren’t many people in the world who don’t listen to pop at least sometime in their lives, so if you play older pop then they are sure to know and like a song or two. Jazz and classical can also grab people’s attention and keep a calm and mellow environment. Jazz music is known for being smooth and relaxing, something people used to listen to all the time when they get off work. And classical is known to be soothing and can help keep you focused on your task without causing your brain to fly around the room.

Now, for where and how you can start setting up music in your business, that’s actually the easiest part. There are a lot of different streaming services that you can get a membership for and have endless streaming without commercials. When you go out to an amusement or an attraction at a popular tourist spot and you hear music coming out of the speakers, that is because these businesses have paid for a monthly, or a yearly, membership to a streaming service.

There are a couple of different great streaming services out there, you just must decide how much power you want to have over the music that is playing. Some streaming services will play music endlessly but also at random, so you are more likely to end up with either old songs or stuff currently on the radio. While other streaming services will let you listen to the radio directly, without commercials, or some that will let you make playlists of your own.